Action for Change: One Bird at a Time Through IFAW and LAMB Collaboration


Pens to care for injured birds before and after LOBR were formed in cooperation between IFAW and LAMB.

Two storks roaming the LOBR enclosures as they recover after being shot by hunters.

Two storks roaming the LOBR enclosures as they recover after being shot by hunters.

IFAW constantly proves how protecting animals in one place can impact others on different continents…”

— Dr. Elsayed Mohamed, IFAW Regional Director for MENA

BEIRUT, LEBANON, Aug. 3, 2022 / — Bird hunting is a very common practice in Lebanon – this country can be considered a bottleneck for migratory birds – including many eagles, vultures, hawks, passerines as well as storks and cranes, some of which are of conservation concern being endangered or threatened species – using the Middle East’s most important flyway along the Great Rift Valley.

The indiscriminate killing and harvesting of birds is a serious problem that IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) aims to tackle through a partnership with a local NGO, LAMB (Lebanese Association for Migratory Birds ) – which operates a primitive rescue center focusing on raptors and storks, through the launch of LOBR, “Levant Operation for Bird Rescue”.

Raptors and storks are essential to the survival of many landscapes and habitats; they help clean the environment of carcasses preventing the spread of pathogens, they are among the most common top predators and are likely to shape the assemblages of bird and mammal species, and are themselves prey for large carnivores.

IFAW and LAMB will work together to develop and improve the rescue center to rescue injured birds, rehabilitate them and eventually release them back into their natural habitat, if possible.

Dr Michel Sawan, President of LAMB, said: “As many as 408 bird species have been recorded in Lebanon, and few sites have been identified as important migratory bottlenecks (corridors) – which the majority registered birds are using – but random and illegal hunting practices are unfortunately changing those statistics if we don’t protect them, now.”

“IFAW consistently proves how protecting animals in one place can impact others on different continents, highlighting the importance for countries to work together for the conservation of endangered species,” said Dr Elsayed Mohamed. , IFAW Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa. . He continued: “The LOBR project will have a greater impact beyond the Lebanese borders and will indirectly save habitats in East and Southern Africa where IFAW’s Room to Roam project operates, the final destination for many birds. migrants flying over Lebanon.

Hunting is a practice rooted in Lebanese culture and is passed down from generation to generation. However, over time this practice has branched out to include cruel trapping methods – nets, bow traps and lime sticks to name a few – and in unsustainable and unnecessary quantities. “LOBR” urges hunters to fully comply with hunting laws.

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