Rajasthan hopes to get more early approvals, more funding for forestry and green projects | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: With two elected state representatives in key central ministries such as forests and environment and jal shakti, the desert state can now look forward to big projects ahead.
The major overhaul of the Centre’s cabinet on Thursday saw state member Rajya Sabha Bhupendra Yadav take over the Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate Change (MoEFCC). Forestry department sources hope that proposals for new tiger sanctuaries and reserves will receive additional impetus.
Recently, the MoEF approved the conversion of Ramgarh Vishdhari Shrine in Bundi District into the state’s fourth tiger reserve. Forestry officials expect Yadav to give priority to approving the proposal for Rajasthan’s Fifth Tiger Reserve.
A proposal to modernize the Kumbalgargh wildlife reserve as a tiger reserve has been pending since 2019. The proposed reserve covers 1280.49 km², of which 355.25 km² will be the core zone and 925 km² as a buffer zone in the phase I.
That aside, the state is at the forefront of dealing with the impact of climate change on its environment and the state government is keen on the Centre’s intervention to help the state address and to finance projects linked to desertification and migration linked to climate change.
Already a beneficiary of programs from the Union’s Ministry of the Environment such as the national action plan to combat desertification, the national river conservation program and the national action plan for climate change, the state hopes a stronger impetus for related projects.
“Being a desert state, these factors impact us much more. The state has its own action plan on climate change along the lines of the National Action Plan on Climate Change. The plan involves 14 departments, but more funds will help ensure better implementation, ”said a senior official. With Yadav representing the state of the desert, a better understanding of the issues and the direction of these projects is expected.
On the other hand, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has been in charge of jal shakti since 2019. The central government must focus more on strengthening its flagship and development programs, better implementation of the Jal mission Jeevan is expected in the near future.


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