The outpouring of hate on social media shows how far India has moved away from the days of Nehruvian secularism


But with development prospects waning due to high unemployment and high inflation, the party has used its trump card to stoke Hindu-Muslim animosity.

With the democratic credentials of the BJP government under fire from organizations like the US Freedom House and Sweden’s V-Dem Institute, the party cannot afford to let communal discord further darken its record.

Even if the targeted mosques are not immediately attacked, the surge of hatred on social networks shows how far India has moved away from the days of Nehruvian secularism where minorities – mainly Muslims, Christians – n generally had little to fear and went about their daily activities unhindered or hindered.

As for the other minorities like the Jains or the Sikhs or the Zoroastrians, they have never doubted that they are an integral part of India. There were no books of saffron writers identifying them as “internal enemies” as MS Golwalkar of the RSS (1906-73) did in reference to Muslims and Christians.

Arguably, the Hindu-Muslim friendship would also have been restored if the BJP had not found it politically convenient to talk endlessly about righting the “historical wrongs” of the medieval Muslim invaders who were destroying the temples.

As long as the party scratches old wounds to shed blood, India will not know peace.

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